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4 Reasons Why a Fitness Membership is Worth It.

By Elinor Kinnier | Jan 6, 2017
Sometimes we tell ourselves, “I’ll just save money and work out at home.” That’s great, if you can be successful in reaching your fitness goals, go for it. But if it’s not quite working for you, and you want to amp up your workouts to the next level, you should consider a fitness membership. Here are 4 reasons why a fitness membership is worth it....
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3 Reasons to Choose a Local Gym

By Elinor Kinnier | Jan 2, 2017
With larger, more commercially advertised gyms constantly sprouting up all across the country, it may be difficult to decide between joining one of the smaller local gyms or joining one that belongs to a national chain. We all have different needs and circumstances to consider when making this choice, but here are three reasons why you should choose a local gym....
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A Certified Personal Trainer - Why You Need One

By Elinor Kinnier | Dec 27, 2016
It doesn't matter if you’re a seasoned athlete or a couch potato that wants to be more active, hiring a certified personal trainer can result in a ton of benefits. A personal trainer has the knowledge and experience to help you set realistic expectations, improve your form and technique, and help you take the proper steps to achieve your fitness goals....
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3 Reasons to Consider a CrossFit Membership

By Elinor Kinnier | Dec 16, 2016
By now, you've probably heard about CrossFit, or at least you know someone who shares pictures from their workouts on Instagram. CrossFit is more than just a trendy fitness program; it’s a community dedicated to pushing and challenging each other to be ready for the unknowable. With so many people talking about CrossFit, you may be wondering, should I go for it and get a CrossFit membership with ...
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Stay Fit in an Office Job

By Elinor Kinnier | Nov 16, 2016
Sitting for 8 or more hours a day can wreak havoc on your body and your mind. You leave the office after a long day exhausted. Going to the gym after a long day is the last thing you want to do. So you get in your vehicle to sit for another hour (or more) in NOVA traffic. It's an endless cycle....
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Local Gyms: Take Advantage

By Ashlee Rolkowski | Nov 3, 2016
Looking for a new gym? Maybe you’ve just moved to the area, or maybe you want a change from working out at home. No matter the reason, choosing from the local gyms in your area instead of big chains can offer a lot of benefits....
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What a Certified Personal Trainer Can Do For You

By Elinor Kinnier | Nov 1, 2016
So you’ve decided it’s about time you get in shape. You’ve created a Pinterest board devoted to super cool and fun workouts and maybe you’ve even purchased a membership at a local gym. How do you keep up with your new routine and truly make your weight loss goals happen? Sometimes a certified personal trainer is all you need to get you on the right track to accomplishing your fitness goals....
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Tips to keep you strong while shoveling snow

By Tom Pounder | Jan 22, 2016
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Kid's Fitness Obstacle Course

By Tom Pounder | Jul 16, 2015
Amanda, one of our Kid's Fitness Instructors, shows us a great Obstacle Course you can create at home to encourage your family to be staying fit this summer. Check it out and share pictures of your family's course below!...
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Being Consistent

By Tom Pounder | Jul 7, 2015
Heather Croxton, on of our Adrenaline Bootcamp Instructors and Personal Trainers at the nZone shares today's FitTip.  She talks about being consistent in your workouts....
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