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Ancient Grains that will excite your tastes and diet

By Tom Pounder | May 19, 2016
Step out of your comfort zone and away from the typical brown rice, quinoa, and couscous. There is a whole new world of ancient grains that will offer new and exciting tastes and nutritional benefits to your diet. What makes ancient grains so special, is the fact that these grains have had little changes over hundreds of years. Less refining equates to more preserved nutrients giving us more bang ...
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6 Spices That Will Boost Your Metabolism

By Tom Pounder | Apr 12, 2016
Although eating spices alone won’t be a weight loss solution, consuming these six spices regularly, will help give your body nutrients it needs to jump-start the fat burning process. Try incorporating these spices in to your meals today!...
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Diet, exercise, fat burning, food, metabolism

Get Off Your Butt...Literally

By Tom Pounder | Apr 8, 2016
I've been having an issue with a nerve on my right leg lately. I thought at first it would just go away, but alas, it hasn't. So, I went to 2 people who I know could help me figure this out: Heather and Colton - 2 of our beloved Adrenaline Instructors....
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10 Ways to Burn 200 Calories

By Tom Pounder | Mar 7, 2016
Fitting in more exercise, even in small bouts, can help your heart stay healthy and encourage weight loss over time. Fight those sedentary days and find ways to sneak in some of these simple ways to burn 200 calories in no time!...
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Diet, exercise, workout, Fitness Tip, health

What Teaching Your Kids Have Taught Me

By Tom Pounder | Feb 3, 2016
I love teaching kids here at the nZone!  It is really amazing to see them succeed in so many ways, from doing their first push up correctly, learning how to open up to connect with others, and gaining the confidence to become more of themselves....
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exercise, kids fitness

Tips to keep you strong while shoveling snow

By Tom Pounder | Jan 22, 2016
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Science Shows that Exercising Make Kids Smarter & Happier

By Jennifer Burns | Nov 4, 2015
Ok, so we all know that exercising is great for your child’s body, but did you know that studies have shown it makes them happier and yes, even smarter?...
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exercise, youth, kids, kids classes, kids fitness, sports

The Benefits of having a workout partner

By Tom Pounder | Sep 15, 2015
Achieving our workout goals are not always as easy as we hope they will be. That is why it is so important to have a friend push you to help you achieve them. Learn more in this video....
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Pump of the Jams!

By Tom Pounder | Aug 31, 2015
Do you listen to music when you workout? Whether you do or do not, hear from Becca, one of our nZone Fitness Instructors, how listening to music can have a very positive impact on your workout....
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exercise, workout, Fitness Tip, gym, music, physical fitness, running

The Elevator Game

By Tom Pounder | Aug 21, 2015
Join Amanda and try out this fun game you can play with your children. They will have so much fun they won't even know they are exercising! Share below or on social media (Twitter: @nzoneonline) what "floor" was a family favorite at your house....
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