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5 Ways to Combine Kid's Fitness with Your Fitness

By Elinor Kinnier | Nov 28, 2016
We all want our children to be healthy, but sometimes finding an activity that interests them—and holds their attention—is hard on parents. It can be even harder to find the time to shuttle them around to all their different programs and sports leagues. But the absolute hardest thing? Finding the time to keep them active AND stay active yourself....
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Make Friends in Your Group Fitness Class

By Elinor Kinnier | Nov 22, 2016
Celebrating a birthday, attending sporting events, enjoying holiday celebrations; all of these are better with friends, and so is fitness. Group fitness classes have so many benefits: They teach you new skills, they push you harder, and they can lead to lifelong friendships....
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group fitness

Stay Fit in an Office Job

By Elinor Kinnier | Nov 16, 2016
Sitting for 8 or more hours a day can wreak havoc on your body and your mind. You leave the office after a long day exhausted. Going to the gym after a long day is the last thing you want to do. So you get in your vehicle to sit for another hour (or more) in NOVA traffic. It's an endless cycle....
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Join an Adult Basketball League - Take a Break

By Ashlee Rolkowski | Nov 11, 2016
Most people have some desire to get fit or stay fit. The problem is finding the time (and the motivation) to get to a gym. Joining an adult basketball league can help you stay motivated and fit because you’ll be doing something fun that you enjoy. Local gyms are always looking for new teams to join their leagues. Plus, an adult league let’s you take a break from all the business of work and home, ...
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A Youth Soccer League: Developing Life Skills

By Ashlee Rolkowski | Nov 7, 2016
When we sign up our kids up for a youth soccer league, we know that they’ll learn components of the game and become better soccer players. But they won’t just develop as athletes, they will start to develop life skills too.The benefits of enrolling your child in a youth soccer league are many, but there are a few that will really help develop our kids and their life skills....
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Local Gyms: Take Advantage

By Ashlee Rolkowski | Nov 3, 2016
Looking for a new gym? Maybe you’ve just moved to the area, or maybe you want a change from working out at home. No matter the reason, choosing from the local gyms in your area instead of big chains can offer a lot of benefits....
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What a Certified Personal Trainer Can Do For You

By Elinor Kinnier | Nov 1, 2016
So you’ve decided it’s about time you get in shape. You’ve created a Pinterest board devoted to super cool and fun workouts and maybe you’ve even purchased a membership at a local gym. How do you keep up with your new routine and truly make your weight loss goals happen? Sometimes a certified personal trainer is all you need to get you on the right track to accomplishing your fitness goals....
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Why Family Fitness Should be a Priority

By Elinor Kinnier | Oct 26, 2016
According to The President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, 80.2 million Americans, aged six and older are physically inactive. Parents sit at desks all day and kids are engaging in less active play than they used to. This lack of family fitness is not something to take lightly. Dr. James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative has gone ...
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Should I do CrossFit?

By Ashlee Rolkowski | Oct 21, 2016
If you’ve gone anywhere near a gym in the last few years, you’ve probably heard someone talk about how much they love CrossFit and how great it is and how they’re benefitting in all these ways from it. And that leaves you wondering, “Should I do CrossFit?” Here are some reasons why you should try it out (never hurts to try, right?) and a few words of caution....
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Youth Basketball Drills to Try

By Elinor Kinnier | Oct 17, 2016
In youth basketball, the players that can handle the ball are the ones that win the game. Practicing the right drills at a young age can set the base of fundamentals for a successful basketball career in the future. Here are some drills to try with your young basketball players....
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