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Family Fitness in the Fall

By Elinor Kinnier | Sep 26, 2016
Summer is over, the kids are back in school and your family has fallen back into a lockstep routine of bag lunches, after-school activities, carpools, and homework. How do you juggle work and school activities and still find time for family fitness in the fall, especially as the temperatures drop and the days get shorter?...
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family fitness

8 Reasons You Should Try a Group Fitness Class

By Elinor Kinnier | Sep 22, 2016
Maybe you want to be active and get fit but thinking about the gym just leaves you so unmotivated, you decide to watch another TV episode instead. If that's you, then you should try a group fitness class, because group fitness is just...well it's just great! Here are 8 reasons why you should try it out....
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group fitness

5 Benefits of Team Sports for Your Kids

By Elinor Kinnier | Sep 19, 2016
With the school season just beginning, it's the perfect time to consider signing up your kids for team sports. Here are 5 benefits of team sports for your kids....
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kids fitness

Kick Your Body into Gear: Try a Kickboxing Class

By Elinor Kinnier | Sep 13, 2016
Let’s say you’re working out at your local gym, and you happen upon the weekly group fitness schedule. Among all the Zumba classes and yoga sessions, you see that there’s a kickboxing class. Hmm. Has the thought crossed your mind to try a kickboxing class before? What is kickboxing anyway?...
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group fitness

An Adult Sports League is Good for Your Brain

By Elinor Kinnier | Sep 7, 2016
Nothing makes life more interesting than some friendly competition. Chances are, your high school sports teams provided you with a sense of community, multiple physical accomplishments, and strategic challenges. Good news! The fun shouldn't be over just because you're in adulthood. In fact, it's good for your brain to take part in the joy of adult team sports....
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sports leagues

Local Gyms: What to Look For

By Elinor Kinnier | Sep 2, 2016
Remember those long, monotonous workouts in high school? You probably don't because your workout was built into the fun of competitive athletics with friends. When sifting through the locals gyms in your area, look for a family friendly environment with addictive exercise opportunities that make working out feel less like a chore....
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