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Improve Your Workouts And Health With The Use Of A Foam Roller

By amcbentoo | Aug 25, 2014
Foam rollers are a very effective tool to use before and after your workouts. They can work to relieve any soft tissue aches or muscle pain you may have. Anyone can use them, and the benefits are too numerous to ignore....
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Don’t Wait For The “Perfect Time”: Find The Time To Exercise

By amcbentoo | Aug 18, 2014
So you have a busy lifestyle and work schedule, and you just can’t find time to fit exercise in. Or so you think. The reality is this: it’s a lot easier to fit exercise each day than you think. You do not have to do it all at once. You can break up your routine and still get some great benefits. Here are some tips on how to fit exercise into even the busiest lifestyles....
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Choose Low Glycemic Carbs to Improve Your Health

By amcbentoo | Aug 11, 2014
The glycemic index, or GI, reveals how much a food causes your blood sugar levels to rise. While both high and low glycemic foods can be part of a healthy diet or weight loss program in moderation, know that high glycemic foods come with certain health risks. High glycemic foods have been linked to a higher BMI, diabetes, obesity and heart disease....
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Try This Healthy Chocolate Milk Replacement

By amcbentoo | Aug 5, 2014
Most store-bought brands of chocolate milk are highly processed and unhealthy food choices. Sure, they contain some nutritional value. No doubt about it. They also contain sugar and corn starch, among other things, while also reducing the healthy fats. This takes away a substantial amount of the milk’s nutritional value....
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